Places to Go

Places to Go

The following is a list of the offices you will need to contact upon the death of a family member. You will also need to make an appointment with these offices to take care of any paperwork that must be completed.

  1. Register of Wills
    1. Sussex County
      • Located in the Courthouse Annex – J.P. Court Building 5 E. Pine St. Georgetown, DE 19947.
      • Telephone – 855-7875 you must make an appointment
      • Take a copy of the will and the death certificate
      • You will also need to take your last property tax bill if you own property. To get a copy of this bill, call the Sussex County tax office at 855-7760.
    2. Kent County
      • Located at 555 S. Bay Rd., Dover, DE 19901.
      • Telephone – 744-2330 you must make an appointment
      • Take with you a copy of the will and a death certificate.
      • If you own property, you will need to take with you a copy of your last property bill tax. To get a copy of this bill calls the Kent County tax office at 744-2341.

  2. Social Security Administration
    1. Sussex County
      • 12001 Old Vine Blvd, Lewes, DE 19958.
      • Telephone – 1-800-772-1213 you will be given a phone appointment
    2. Kent County
      • 500 W. Loockerman St., Suite 100 Dover, DE 19904.
      • Telephone – 1-800-772-1213 you will be given a phone appointment

  3. Insurance Companies (Health, Auto, Life, Etc.)
    1. You will need to contact any company with which you have such a policy… you will need a death certificate for each company (have policy numbers ready when calling).

  4. Banks and Credit Unions
    1. Contact all companies with which you have an account.
    2. You will need only one death certificate per bank.

  5. Lawyers
    1. If there is a will, you may need to contact a lawyer to help probate the will and settle the estate.
    2. Speak with the register of wills first. There is a lot of the process you can complete yourself. Depending on how involved your affairs are will determine the need for legal advice.

  6. Tax Return Preparation
    1. Telephone for information 1-800-829-1040
    2. File returns as normal, include a death certificate if money is owed to you. You will need to use IRS Form #1310. Contact your accountant.

  7. Division of motor vehicles (you will need the registration card, insurance card, and mileage of your vehicle)
    1. Sussex County 853-1000 | Kent County 744-2500
      • Be sure to call the motor vehicle office first. You may not need to go to this office

The following is a list of important documents you may need to take with you to the above offices. We suggest you have these documents in one large envelope which may prevent you from having to make a second trip.

    1. Social security card or number. Verify it is correct and not the number of your spouse.
    2. Service records – discharge papers and form DD-214. Note: the funeral home will process all applications for you.
    3. Birth certificate
    4. Bank books, account numbers, and safe deposit box key.
    5. Insurance policies and numbers.
    6. Supply of certified death certificates.
    7. Vehicle title and registration, insurance card, and vehicle mileage.
    8. W-2’s for tax purposes.

We hope this summary of offices to contact will be helpful to you when dealing with the paperwork that is necessary to complete after the death of a loved one.

If we can be of further assistance to you, one of our staff members will be glad to assist you.

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